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So my friend over at just announced their Kickstarter today!…
Check out this awesome Kickstarter from Gorilla Tactics. I contributed some artwork to the prototype and I definitely think this game deserves some more exposure! Check it out! Spread The word! Contribute!

So I recently started digging into some new programs, Maya and Zbrush. I have been using 3D Studio Max professionally for the last 7 years so I know the modeling tools in that program like the back of my hand by this point. I have dipped into Maya maybe twice since I graduated college. Using Maya is like trying to throw a ball with my left hand (i'm right-handed of course), it's not impossible, it's just not trained to perform such a task so the end result is lacking...and frustrating. On top of learning Maya I am digging back in to learning more about Zbrush, a program that has a pretty steep learning curve due to a very deep workflow and sculpting system. That program is absolutely amazing but holy crap it is DEEP!

I found myself getting discouraged pretty easily last night as I attempted the simplest of tasks that I knew it could be done just not knowing the correct way to perform such a task. God bless Youtube and all of it's wonderful free video tutorials, haha! Be on the look out as I may be posting my triumphs and failures here over the next couple of weeks while I attempt to learn the ins and outs of each of these beastly programs.

Progress not perfection!

Oh and if anyone happens to know of any good (preferably free) tutorials using Maya I would greatly appreciate it if you could send those my way. Thanks!

yeah I know it's actually the day after, but the year is still fresh and new, and with that comes new things and new opportunities, I invite all of my watchers on Deviantart to stop by and 'like' my new "Art of..." facebook page I recently launched. Please stop by and check it out :)…
So I just hit 20,000 pageviews today. I actually got to watch it happen (timing is everything, right?). So I would like say thank you to everyone who has stopped by my page, commented on my work, invited me to groups or challenges, asked questions, gave me a Fav, a Llama, or added my work to their personal collection. I plan on doing significantly more artwork come the new year. I am currently working on a Facebook page predominantly for my art that I plan on launching in January. I also just finished creating art for my first iPhone game with a small developer  ( this past fall, not sure when it's going to be released though, and I am currently working on a small PC game that should be released next year sometime as well.

If you aren't already following I have a blog where I post stuff about my life and WIP art:

I also recently started a Twitter account that I don't currently use very much but I plan on linking it up with my facebook art page and broadcasting when I update my art and give shoutouts to my other friends and art colleagues:

Feel free to add/follow me in either place, depending on how ambitious I get I might just sign up for other sites too just to get my art out there on the web.

So thanks a lot to all my DA followers new and old and expect more work from me in the future!
So I have been very interested in the idea of doing commissions lately but to be honest I don't even know where to start or if people would even want commissions from me. For all you folks watching my gallery would you be interested in commissioned work from me. I am thinking around $20-25 for a full color character (i.e. and add to that given the complexity of what is asked for (maybe $10-15 more for each additional character?).

Let me know what you guys think in the comments below.
So I was inspired by the current journal posts of Viccolate: who is currently posting her Watchers art in her Journal entries using her daily traffic to get others noticed on DA. You can see her Journal Entries here:……………

I think this is a spectatcular thing she is doing and I hope it inspires more people on DA to do the same. It isn't much of an art community if everyone is only looking out for themselves.

So to follow suit I am going to take this opportunity to link you to the art of the very talented Tad Lambert who has a pretty low number of page views for as long as he has been on DA, as he so mentions here in his Journal posting:

So if you have a minute go check out Tad's work and comment on one of his pieces or Fav something. He's got a lot of good stuff so I am sure you are bound to find something you like.

Also if you haven't done so already check out my new portfolio:… I am working on a few projects right now so stay tuned for more work (hopefully sooner rather than later)!
A friend of mine recommended the free (and subscription-based) site to me a while back and I have been meaning for a while to actually put some stuff up there. Well, I finally got around to it while I was on baby leave, and put together a pretty decent looking portfolio (I think):…

Thanks for all your continued support DA crowd!
So I announced a little while back that my wife and I were having another baby, well she's here now! Came into this world at 8:24 pm. She's 6 lbs 13 ozs and 19 inches long (Smaller than her big sister who was 7 lbs 11 ozs and 20 inches long).

However there is a much more interesting side to this story! She was born in our CAR!!! That's right my wife went into labor and went from a 3 to a full blown dilation in under 3 hours! We were driving to the hospital when her water broke, and we didn't make it ten minutes down the road when my wife let out a scream and that baby popped out like a Jack-In-The-Box!!! It was crazy! We called the paramedics and they showed up, cut the umbilical cord and casually drove us to the hospital where we finished up the rest of the procedure and now it's on to a lifetime of new baby!

So...effin'...CRAZY!!! But Mama and Baby are doing great and for some reason my life never ceases to be full of excitement!
Check out the amazingly talented work of the awesome stylish artist Brett Bean!
The art director for the studio I work at (Wahoo Studios) just posted a great article on Gamasutra about building your portfolio for the Video Game Industry. It's full of great advice that I would say anyone trying to break in would be well advised to read.…
The latest title I worked on Junk-Fu was released today on Xbox Live If you have a Kinect go download it right now because it's FREE!!!…
...come show my boy some love!

My buddy Joe has a really fun animation style but I feel like he doesn't get enough love on his Deviantart page. He's really talented and is improving everyday in my opinion but I think his work gets lost in the tumultuous sea of furry fan art, crappy Anime, and  borderline porn that graces the front page of this fair site more often then not! Check him out, and fav some of his awesome stuff:
Xbox Resource just announced one of Wahoo Studios latest games Junk-Fu!… This was a quick project we put together with a small team and it was a lot fun to work on. It releases on the 30th of this month, so if you have a Kinect I highly recommend you try it out, it's a lot of fun! has a vote open right now for the Mutant League contest I participated in recently… So if you have a forum login and password GO VOTE! Voting ends Sunday!



P.S: I am not expecting anyone to vote for me, there are a lot of great entries and it would be great just for people to go check them out and get these awesome dudes some exposure.
2011 was an exciting year for me, I moved to Utah for a new job, bought my first place, bought a new car, my wife and I have another baby on the way and I shipped my first console game: Family Game Night 4: The Gameshow Edition…

My New Year's resolution last year was to be the best me I could be, in all things, and even though that's a pretty vague resolution the underlying goal is to just try to always do my best. Sure I could set a goal to try and lose some weight or learn how to play an instrument or something but why focus on just one thing or focus on something small or something that would be hard to maintain because of all of life's complications and interruptions. Last year I set out to do the best I could in all things and I can honestly say that I tried and I feel good about last year's resolution.

This year's resolution is going to be a little different but along the same lines, this year my New Year's resolution is to 'better market myself as an artist'. I am going to update my Blogs visuals and try to post more art and participate in more competitions workshops and classes throughout the year. I want more people to see my art, I want more feedback and I want to grow more as an artist by pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I want to try new things, learn new things and really try to get my name out there (wherever there might be). I have always considered myself to be a good artist but I want to be more than that, I want to be a "Great" artist and I am going to dedicate this year to improving my craft and really finding my creative niche in life.

Cheers to 2012!!!
...Is what terrorist's say! So MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone on DA!!

Haha! Just kidding! Happy Holidays to everyone no matter what you celebrate this winter, whether you celebrate the holidays or not make the end of the year count.
The rockin' dudes over at are holding a new challenge and it's Mutant League themed!!!!…

I just finished that cleric not too long ago so I was hoping to jump in on another contest right away but the deadlines are all too soon and I am going out of town at the end of the month. I loved Mutant League as a kid and I really wish EA would bring this franchise back, so this challenge is kind of a dream project for me!

I submit my entry here (not sure if this link will work):…

I am still working out the concept a bit but I don't have a lot of time to focus on stuff I can just iterate on in the modeling process. I might post a side and back view too, but right now I am probably just going to jump into modeling and concept as I need it. There are some awesome peeps from here on DA and other forums jumping in on the contest so there will probably be a lot of really good entries at the end, I hope to be one of them. I'll post stuff here at the end of the challenge but in the mean time I will try to chronicle my progress on my blog: www.caseydockendorf.blogspot.c…

Thanks for watching!
Woohoo! A new commercial showcasing the most recent game I worked on Family Game Night 4: The Game Show Edition published  by EA/Hasbro that features game-play and art that I did and the commercial itself actually looks really good:… Very exciting!
If you want to see some of my professional work, check out this cool new video from Petroglyph Games:… I was the main UI artist on the project so I created the art for all of the menu's, icons, and even some of the in-game comabt decals!

Sweet! My first published PC title. Stay tuned folks, my first published console title is supposed to released next month!